Do you need mastering?

Do you really need mastering and what does it exactly do for your music? That’s a question I’ve seen a lot lately, so I decided to reflect on it in a blog. Let’s dig in. Mastering Let’s start with what mastering is and isn’t. Mastering is the last stage before a song is ready for release. The mastering engineer is […]

Mastering Engineer vs. LANDR

In the last couple of years, a lot of online services have sprung up offering almost instant mastering of your song at a subscription-based price model. Maybe you’ve heard about LANDR, emastered or CloudBounce? Since you ended up here, your question is probably whether or not to choose a real-life mastering engineer or go with the automated algorithms, like LANDR. […]

Retarget marketing in the music industry

Retarget marketing in the music industry and in general is about continuously being top-of-mind for everyone who has shown some kind of interest in your business. It’s about giving the right kind of message to the right kind of people. Why is this so powerful? Compared to cold marketing where the person you’re marketing to has never heard about you, […]

5 tips to optimize your mix revisions

Mix revisions. We all get them. Revisions are a part of working professionally with audio and sending your mixes to clients. As for mixing engineers, we’re trying to capture the vibe and feel of a song and bring that out even more in the mixing phase. Having the artist being a part of the mixing process helps achieve this goal […]

Audome’s vision

What is a business without a vision? Boring and without big dreams! You always gotta dreams about whatever you’re doing. So, here’s our hopes and goals for Audome. Businesses have to start somewhere: Both to get some validation and capital to keep developing, but the most important part, for us at least, is to get our users to be a […]