Retarget marketing in the music industry

Retarget marketing in the music industry

Retarget marketing in the music industry and in general is about continuously being top-of-mind for everyone who has shown some kind of interest in your business. It’s about giving the right kind of message to the right kind of people. Why is this so powerful? Compared to cold marketing where the person you’re marketing to has never heard about you, re-targeting focuses on people who have already visited your website, Facebook page or Instagram account. Imagine how marketing to people who have already shown some kind of interest in you is easier than marketing to people who have never heard about you. This blog will dive further down into the pros of re-target marketing and will give you some ideas of exactly how you can use it in your business.

How does retarget marketing in the music industry and in general actually work?

Before you can target an ad to people who have visited your website, you’ll need to know exactly who these people are. That’s the ground pillar in re-targeting. Luckily there are tools to do that. Facebook Pixel is one of those – and with it, you can do much more than just re-target. You install the Facebook Pixel code on your website and it’ll let you know who visited your page. After that, you’ll be able to set up a user-defined target audience on Facebook and let it display an ad to these people. You can control how often the ad will show up on your target audience’s Facebook. Remember, this is all about staying top-of-mind. If someone is about to book a mixing engineer and you’re not top of mind, you won’t get the job. Simple as. But! You can’t just spam an ad in their face all the time either. About 2-3 times a month seems to be a good starting point for your retargeting ad. This is how retargeting works. I won’t go into a step-by-step guide on how to set it up (there’s plenty of awesome guides on that out there), but this will get you started in understanding retargeting.

Why is it so important

We’ve already touched on some of the areas why retargeting is so important. It’s all about being top-of-mind when the customer wants to buy. Retargeting serves as a digital reminder for everyone who has visited your site, that you still exist and that you’re actually the best choice for them. You are attracting the bounced traffic (the people who left) from your website, which is great. They have already shown interest in you.

Attracting the people who have already shown interest in you also makes retargeting a cheap way of advertising while also yielding good results. The Return on investment (ROI) is quite good. You could spend the minimum Facebook is allowing per month, which is a dollar a day, and probably still see results.

Retargeting also works well with other overall marketing strategies like AdWords or content marketing. You can use Adwords or content to get people to visit your page and get interested in you. From there on, retargeting will take care of reminding the bounced visitors that you still exist.

Ideas for retargeting campaigns

Here are some tangible examples of content for your remarketing campaign.

  • Show of an awesome artist you’ve worked with. Don’t brag though.
  • Show of a great review of your business. Maybe someone wrote some nice stuff about you?
  • Show a personal message targeted at the re-target audience
  • Show of your portfolio

So there you have it. An overview of retargeting, why it’s important and some tangible ideas for the content to include in a campaign. Go use it – It will definitely help you get new customers. Want to also improve your productivity in the studio? Try reading our guide on how to up the productivity in your revision process.

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