Audome’s vision

Audome’s vision

What is a business without a vision? Boring and without big dreams! You always gotta dreams about whatever you’re doing. So, here’s our hopes and goals for Audome.

Businesses have to start somewhere: Both to get some validation and capital to keep developing, but the most important part, for us at least, is to get our users to be a big part of the further development of Audome. The vision of Audome is to be much more than just a tool for revisions. This is only our starting point – a stepping stone to new places. We’re already working on more advanced features based on analytics and information to help you evolve your music business even more. We want to be a one-stop solution for everything from the point of delivering your audio to a client. That includes analytics, CRM and many more powerful ideas we’re yet to discover with our users!

That’s all – this was just a short blog into our dreams for Audome. We hope that you, as a user, will participate in helping us develop Audome to your needs. Sign up for our newsletter to get notified when we’re opening for betas for new features.

Stay awesome!
/Daniel & Casper Founders of Audome